Eetu Toropainen in ‘Tycoon’

Eetu’s part from his mate Victor Hoglund’s new vid Tycoon, which should be out in full next week. Loving the phone edit / bro cam vibes in this one, makes everything feel really playful and spontaneous, but then if you actually take a sec to stop and analyse what’s going (or just stare at the Justus Hirvi pic we used as the thumbnail for a bit) you realise a lot of it is pretty fucked… Like that gap to back tail on the rail with the bits of metal sticking out of the end of it looks ridiculously awkward. Also enjoying this sudden resurgence of mid-2000s Lil Wayne in skate videos 🙂

Be sure to pic up a copy of our new issue if you want to find out more about this lil Finnish beast (he’s got a 14 page interview in there).