Memory Screen: Flo Marfaing

It feels like we say ‘Sneep really outdid himself this time’ almost every time we release one of these but fuck it, in this particular case I honestly don’t think anyone one else on this planet would have been capable of taking on this mammoth task. In my eyes Flo’s been the most prolific European skater of the last two and a half decades. He’s the embodiment of ‘Euro Tech’, often putting out more minutes swishy pants gold at one single spot than some pros will put out in their entire careers. I’ve let myself get sucked into Flo Marfaing internet loopholes on countless occasions and it honestly feels like the stream footage is endless. Last year, on instagram alone the man put out 10 minutes lol. I can’t even begin to imagine the time and energy that went into filtering through everything he’s ever released… And not only is the result meticulously organised, paying homage to the cities and the spots where he left his mark (Paris/Le Dome, Düsseldorf/HBF, Barcelona/Macba/Parallel/Badalona etc.), it’s edited to songs that were custom created for the Lordz video (and did not exist anywhere else online), features guest tricks from his boy Alex Carolino, clips Winkle had only released cropped versions of on the ‘gram… It’s everything we could have ever dreamed of and more. All I want to do now is push around a plaza switch mongo with grey sweats and a tiny air max cap.

PS: The Lordz retrospective article we did a few years back with interviews and archive photos from the whole crew is available HERE, and the accompanying Now They Give A Fuck About Us video is online HERE.

Shoutout to Paco, Winkle, Vans and everyone who helped out with this one.