‘JADDA’ by Pekka Løvås

We recently interviewed Tiago about (amongst other things) the time he spent in Oslo skating with this crew, and one of the things that stood out was that although they took him to a different spot every day, and he felt like the scene was incredibly productive, with people out all the time, fixing spots, shooting photos, getting clips, etc… It was hard for him. He explained that you REALLY had to ‘think twice before you filmed something in Oslo’, simply because of how much they’ve skated their city and generally just how good everyone is. And that’s one of the things I enjoy the most about Pekka’s videos. Sure they’re constantly exploring and finding new shit but they’re also slightly ‘limited’ by the city (it’s nowhere near as vast as London for instance) and everyone actually cares and respects what’s been done and where. So if you see a spot you recognise from Firetre pop up on your screen, you know whoever’s hitting it will have really had to rack their brains to come up with something for it… And that shows.
Also (and I think we already mentioned this last time), I really enjoy how – as the focus of these shifts more and more towards the younger guys – he still always manages to sneak in some clips of the older, more established dudes. And obviously it’s done really organically but still, that gets you thinking ‘fuuuck it would be so sick if Stian blew up like that’. He knows they deserve it and we’ve all seen it happen before, so he’s just gently planting that seed…

Filmed Bjarne Tjøtta, Fredrik Winsents, Gabriel Bjørsvik, Georg Stenersen, Jan Henrik Kongstein, Jonatan Drab, Magnus Bordewick, Stian Jacobsen, Vi Duc Truong, Karsten Kleppan and more.

Featuring Pekka Løvås.