Jordan Queijo – Equipoise

We’ve been raving about this young man and his ability to leap out of switch manuals for a while now. Mainly because every single time he pops up on our screen he’s coming with some sort futuristic tech sorcery, but also manages to make it never feel too over the top. Like he has a pretty unconventional technique for a lot of shit (there’s almost a bit of Jensen in those twinkle toe flip tricks), and you tell he clearly thinks about what he films A LOT… Anyway through talking to him about the release of this part we’ve finally started to understand why exactly we were only getting drip fed tiny doses of his magic. It turns out that just like another prominent member of the ever exclusive steezy sweater vest club he very much subscribes to the soon to be extinct ‘less is more’ philosophy when it comes to his skateboarding output. To the point where after almost a year of discussing this clip we were starting to worry that maybe he’d actually take it too far (sometimes less is just less lol) and that this would just never see the light of day; which would have really sucked because never in a million years would I have anticipated seeing someone switch flip out of the Sylvain. So yeah basically all that to say that Jordan’s very much a tweaker, but the best possible kind; one that keeps you fiending for more.

Filmed and edited by David Goldsworthy aka DAX.