Nyle Lovett in ‘COLT’

Nyle Lovett and Aaron Christopher’s work came to our attention around the same time last year when Theories‘ Josh Stewart hit us up out of the blue essentially saying ‘I’ve just been sent this video from nowhere Indiana, and YOU GUYS HAVE TO SEE THIS’. The video in question at the time was Mirror and we were so blown away by both by the skating and the way it was put together that we ended up hosting Nyle’s part and interviewing Aaron about the project and their scene (which we obviously knew fuck all about).

Well here we are just 13 months later with their latest effort, and the progression on both sides of the lens is pretty nuts. The filming and editing has gotten even more dynamic, Nyle’s taken his ledge/manual game to a whole new level (and the slightly baggier clothes have made him look extra sexy whilst doing so), and the part as a whole feels quite personal. The fact that they used one of their mate’s songs (Heavy Metal Heaven by Lee Lloyd aka Cam who has last part in this vid) probably has something to do with this but there’s also something about all the recurring spots and references to the previous vid that gives you a sense of their bond. Like you can tell they’re both out there in there own little bubble, constantly pushing each other and evolving together (almost in a Jake Harris x Tom Knox kind of way).

Check back next Wednesday to enjoy COLT in full.