FUGA vol.1

Last August Jon Wolf paid a little visit to his Milan mates, filming a few bits with them around the city (which is an achievement in itself given how hard it is to leave that smooth marble vortex) and even going on a 4 day excursion to finish building a secret bowl Aref had previously worked on with P-Stone. Supposedly ‘wild bowl’ as it’s nicknamed is somewhere hidden in the mountains close to Genoa, about 5 minutes away from ‘the waterfall’… All pretty mysterious but it’s easy to see why Jon quickly realised that he needed more of these trips in his life, hence the ‘vol.1’ in the title (‘fuga’ means ‘escape’ in Italian btw). Excited to see more of these 🙂

Featuring Jacopo Carozzi, Aref Koushesh, Nils Matijas, Mattia Turco and Van Khohlov.

Filmed and edited by Jon Wolf.