Dirty 2

So what we have here is the sequel to Eddie Claire’s Dirty vid which came out about 6 years ago. It features a lot of the same crew from down South (Dallas/Oklahoma City), but also all of their SF mates (some of those guys moved up there), Seattle’s Josh McLaughlin and the Dope Planet boys and a bunch of other people you might recognise. It’s raw, it’s well filmed and – just like the music it’s influenced by – it’s chopped and screwed in way that forces you to enjoy it slowly. This one’s all about taking the time you need to soak up the vibes and appreciate the form, so if you’re looking for a barrage of flip in flip outs or 20 stair handrails you’ve come to the wrong place.

Shoutout to Chris Athans for putting us on to this one 🙂 DVDs still available at Palomino here if you wanna cop.

Featuring: Mason Coletti, Chris Athans, Eddie Claire, Josh Narvaez, Josh Riviere, Josh Ferguson, Zach Chamberlin, Jameel Douglas, Jesse Narvaez, Dylan Drew, Ben Gore, Brian Powderly, Jake Slater, Koan Hernandez, Jacob Foy, Josh McLaughlin, Matt O’Conner, Simon Bannerot, Trevor Stokes, Cardo Vega, James Levinski, Brian Powderly, Luciano Hernandez, Jabray Lockhart, James Levinski, Athen Mccrary, Matthew Martin, Isaac Figueroa, Jared Burke, Jesse Rhodes, Matthew Gilstrap, Matthew Martin and Jabray Lockhart.