Aura is a North Carolina scene video made by Eric Hunt. Obviously I’m quite biased because I started and grew up skating in North Carolina myself, so it’s nice to see what’s been going on there since I left at the age of 19. Eric is from Asheville, North Carolina, a liberal-minded town in the mountains home to a famous DIY and PUSH Skate Shop. Our pals at Theories did a nice interview with Eric that you can read here if you’d like to learn more. This video is full of unseen spots, DIYs and good vibes. Makes me want to go back and visit…

Aura features Scotty Moore, Brett Abramsky, Dan Murphy, Jed Shooter, Alec Chambers, Eric Hunt, Mical Swett, Ty Rohde, Tyler Tufty, Justin Brock, Sam Buxton, Wesley Lembo, Matt Miller, Andrew Miller, Tim Jarman, Griffin Faulkner, Dyshon Widbee, Mikey Weiner, Kerry Webb, Kevin Cordell and Luke Broussard.

Filmed & directed by Eric Hunt
Edited by Kerry Webb

Featured photo of Eric Hunt shot by Brett Abramsky