Life is short

What’s interesting with this Vova Pavlov edit (he’s the guy who does the feeble to crook) is that in the context of the recent spike in amazing Russian content (both from visitors and locals) you realise that a disproportionate amount of the focus has been on Moscow, despite Saint Petersburg being the second biggest city, and it clearly being home to a shitload of spots (90% of the second part was filmed there). ‘The bridges, channels and all of the more traditionally European architecture features make the city feel pretty unique on the map Russia’ explained our friend Kirill Korobkov. ‘But the skate scene really lacks international coverage. This clip is one of the very few good recent examples of what it’s all about’.
That being said, this Zhizn crew vid (‘Zhizn’ means ‘life’ in Russian) also includes quite a bit of footage from the South of Russia which probably gets even less coverage, and we always love seeing what Dilip and Philipp (the half Russian, half Nepalese Kharel brothers that open the vid) put out!

Featuring: Dilip Kharel, Philipp Kharel, Amir Yusupov, Vova Pavlov, Slava Pavlov, Robert Khazeev, Dima Rodionov, Alexey Meleshko, Max Kushevski, Sergey Goncharik, Nikita Kozhemyakin, Vitaly Alexandrov, Artyom Gorbachev, Kseniya Scheglova, Denis Yuzefovich, Victor Salapov and Ilya Kelarev.

The 1st track is Victim by Raw Takes.
The 2nd track is Experimentator by buttechno (@buttechn).