Although the recent rise in popularity of single spot edits is undeniable, you kind of have to remember that the idea behind them is hardly a new one, and that – unless skateboarders suddenly stop reappropriating public spaces (which let’s face it, is impossible) – there’s no reason for them to be going anywhere any time soon. That’s why every time I hear people describe these types clips as a ‘trend’ I’m always a bit confused… Putting hours in at a plaza to wax every dry ledge in sight, learn which cracks you can and can’t grind through and constantly racking your brain for new lines is obviously very different to everyone in skateboarding suddenly deciding to wear the same trousers; this shit is pretty much as timeless and ‘pure’ as it gets. And this new offering from our CTPMAFIA friends in Brazil is a good example of this… Based around a collaboration between Class (a clothing brand that a lot of that crew skate for) and Vintage Skate (the golden era archive page), it was entirely filmed at one of the crustiest active plazas in the ABC area and it oozes of that ‘if you’re not a local you’re probably going to struggle to skate this place’ feeling which always makes this kind of skating so exciting. I personally always find popping on to ledges with gaps underneath them terrifying anyway, but imagine trying to do mid-ledge fake frontside bluntslides on these fucking things?!

Featuring: Lucas Marques, Leonardo Bibiano, Leonardo Bodelazzi, Yuri Amaro, Leonardo Favaro, Raphael Soares and Matheus Lima.

Filmed and edited by Leonardo Beazotto.