Billy Lukins – Doctor’s Orders

So much good shit in this one… For starters you never see fs big spin tail slides, especially from the side! Then that sound when his trucks connect on that gap out to the curb, how he boots the fuck out of that fs halfcab heel over the wall, how he’s holding on for dear life on the switch roll out down that hill… Loved it.
We admittedly knew very little about this guy before watching this though, so we asked Dave Chami to fill us in: ‘Billy Lukins (@doctorbilly on insta) is a Sydney local who originates from the Sutherland Shire. By day he swings a hammer but by night and weekend he’s swinging himself up and over the biggest blocks and drops the city has to offer. When you’re used to getting up at 6am to start work, 360 flipping down the Sydney Town Hall steps at 7:30am is just your first smoko break!’

Filmed and edited by Shaun Graham.

Thumbnail photo by Sam Coady.