Eniz Fazliov x MFT

This is some classic Eniz right here: it turns out that whilst he was filming that Nike colourway part with Tobbe (that you should definitely revisit), he was also getting VX bits on the side… And without really realising it, it got to the point where he ended up with enough for a whole other part with guest tricks from all the boys that skate for his beloved skateshop My Favourite Things (who are apparently also working on a full length). Forever the most productive man in European skating 🙂



Eniz Fazliov
Tuomas Nyyssönen
Ossi Karvonen
Marcus Hyöky
Peik Ranko
Jussi Kähkönen
Roope Venäläinen
Tuomas Uusipulkamo
Jacob Sundell
Simo Mäkelä
Otto Taimela
Filmed by:
Tobbe Tiusanen
Joonas Mäki
Edited by:
Joonas Mäki