JP Villa – ‘Brésil Ou Pas…’

As a young frenchman living in Brazil for almost 4 years now, JP Villa has learnt a lot about the country’s rich culture and traditions (he’s even fluent in Portuguese now), and has of course made tons of new friends along the way. Yet there’s one key expat life lesson he seems to be struggling assimilate: no matter what you, DO NO BRING UP THE 1998 WORLD CUP FINAL. He knows very well that +20 years later the wounds of that trauma have not yet healed (will they ever?) and that almost every discussion about that match gets met with all sorts of farfetched theories about it being rigged. Bringing up the wise words of Makalélé (as if that clip has almost 2 million views lol) is just asking for it…

Edited by Guillaume Colucci.

Filmed by Felipe Espindola, Amauri JR, Diogo Gema, Bruno Dox and Rodrigo De Andrade

Supported by Blaze Supply.