Corey Young – Private Joy

Loved this one; as much the slightly ‘experimental’ editing as the absolute class act that is Corey’s skating every time. If he wants that truck grinding crooked then you know one of those wheels is getting crushed the second he locks in. If he’s trying to nosegrind then you know he’ll find a way to be standing up straight on it, nose not touching, no matter if he’s balanced on the corner of some wobbly boat or a shoulder high kicker to ledge that you can barely fit a truck on. If he’s smithing then there will be a point when that nose is virtually scraping the floor, etc. And as usual the trick selection is refined, but always with a hint of cheekiness (that surprise casper flip out!) and those twinkle toe nollie/switch flips will have you reevaluating lifelong flatground foot placement choices.

Also if this is the first you’re hearing of Private Joy be sure to check out their site, all of their past video output is amazing (as are their boards/clothing).