Chris Athans in ‘New Doors Have Opened’

I wonder if you could watch this as a skateboarder and just be completely indifferent. Like like even your shit was mega ramp skating, or fuck it, freestyling you’d have to feel something watching this right? The level of skill involved for any one of those marathon lines to exist is just absurd . Usually if a line has an ‘oh shit I wasn’t expecting him to hit that’ moment that’s kind of enough for it to stand out in a part, but here it’s like they’ve invented a whole new genre of skating or something. Some of these lines are over several blocks, you have no idea which side of the street they’re going to hit next, or how many times that same cycle path is getting jumped, if that paper bag is going to stay glued to Chris’ nose, suddenly you can hear Zach popping his board into his hand and run down a flight of stairs, then it’s ‘okay I guess now we’re dodging a motorbike’, etc. And you never quite know when they’re done because they keep getting more and more ridiculous. Also, despite the filming being super dynamic, everything’s captured so unbelievably smoothly that you’re almost loosing track of how many times they’ve ollied up curbs together or for how long this line has even been going on… You really need to stop and dissect every single one of them separately to properly take them in, it’s madness.

Jameel Douglas’ part in the vid is obviously also brilliant in case you haven’t checked it out yet, and copies of Loophole’s ‘New Doors Have Opened’ are available from HERE or from Palomino any day now.