DZTV Episode 1

DZTV is the feature from Malmö’s Dorkzone crew. Episode 1 features the following segments:
A Spot Check with the new obstacles at Stappelbaddsparken. We’ll be seeing what rig gives Oscar Säfström such mighty pop in What You Ride?Low Profile features a delicious selection of French tech moves from underground skate chef Samuel Vroman. Clara Oelker will be showing us how to make a crochet sweater for you and your nan in Art Class. We have a high powered session with the Dorkzone Crew in Skate O’ Clock. Andy Scott will be doing his best to explain how to go upside down and consume protein in Trick Tips. And Bryggeriet student Hannes Olsson will be showing us how he balances school work with skatepark building Slice Of Life.