Lukas Bigun – Alpine Chime

What we have here is a classic case of us knowing virtually nothing about a clip we’ve enjoyed enough to post, other than the fact that person it features skates for DC (as they’re the ones that passed this on to us) and that he’s likely to be from Switzerland (judging from the spots). The only other bit of information we managed to gather is that Lukas now works in the Economic Crime Department of a consulting firm, which of course has absolutely no relevance whatsoever to his absurdly long backside tailslide or anything else in this video part; just thought it was kind of interesting random fact.

Luckily he was down to tell us a little bit about the project:

‘I can tell you with certainty that if published there will be no copyright infringements, as all the ingredients were produced locally and manually in accordance with the zeitgeist. Dino Brandāo, whom you might know from his skating days or as the lovely singer who filmed his music video with French Fred, was so kind to write and produce a song (lol @ that random little ‘Heaven Is A Halfpipe’ bit at the end) for my sole disposal. Then Balthazar Wyss filmed and developed all the super 8 footage himself and Manuel Muller had the patience and energy for the heavy lifting; and by this I mean all the filming and editing. In sum, it was definitely a team endeavour.
The part was filmed during my Bachelor studies in Geneva, but also includes clips from big and small towns from allover our alpine country.’