Bon Voyage! Skate Sculpture Exchange

In what must be the first time this has ever happened, Bordeaux and Malmö have set up a skate sculpture exchange.

Bon Voyage! is an exchange of the sculpture series PLAY! from Bordeaux and We’re All Golden from Malmö. Over summer a total of eleven new sculptures will create new spots in the two cities. The conditions for the sculptures are that they should add to the aesthetic value of the space they are placed in, provide a function for the general public and be accessible for different levels of skating.

Eliott Toiminen, layback transfer, Malmö. Ph. Nils Svensson

Leo Valls, front rock, Bordeaux. Ph. David Manaud

Bon Voyage! is not just an exchange of sculptures, but also a cultural platform for the two skate scenes to meet. For the exchange the skaters of the two scenes will be working toward a photo exhibition and have the opportunity to enter the Bon Voyage Film Challenge. To push the release of the exchange and the video challenge, the Dork Zone crew have produced the video linked below. Additionally head here for more info.