Luypa Sin – Vieux Loup

Okay so I know since the early days of Free we’ve REALLY been hammering home just how much of a hero this man is to us, so I’m going to do my best to keep this brief. What we have here is simply the confirmation – not that we ever really had any doubts tbh – that ‘Vieux Loup’ is not affected by the passing of time in the same way as the rest of us humans, and that he will indeed be spotted at MACBA booting the fuck out of V-Bombs and sipping on miniature red cans until he can no longer walk. And given his reaction to me inquiring about his age yesterday was to completely ignore the question and instead talk about his his next part, who knows in how many decades that’ll be.

Filmed by Henner Figueiredo and Mario Cano, with additional clips by Anthony Claravall and Shajen Willems.

Guest tricks by Flo Marfaing, Pierre Leze, Shajen Willems, Marek Zaprazny and Roman Lisivka.

Also on vimeo if youtube isn’t allowing you to watch: