TROIS CCD – Vino Jefe

Filmed over the last six months on various messy trips to Marseille, Porto, Lisbon, Barcelona, Hyères and Cannes (somehow), what we have here is a fantastic new offering from the loosely Parisian TROIS CCD gang, but more importantly has to be the first ever street christ air to bless our site. So get stuck in, and prepare for this majestic pose to be burnt into your brain for all eternity.

Featuring Amelien Foures, Alix Malnati, Steven Faure, Jt Saldou, Flo Taverne, Maxi Schaible, Niklas Schaible, Max, Burt Bianca, Hugo Corbin, Pj Chapuis, Morgan Katomba, Theo Meas, Truman Bottomley, Augi, Theo Giliberto, Erildo Boccaci, Joshua Marques, Andrea Dupre, Theo Sinho, Ruben Planque, Cesar Dubroca, Lucas Languasco, Adrien Chabiron and Tom Belot.

Video by Jimmy Cholley and Kemisse Zouikri.

Photography by Amelien Foures.