The thumbnail image we picked for this probably probably won’t look like much to most people but to the skateboarders of Marseille (or anyone visiting given how welcoming they all are) that waist high ledge he’s nosesliding is a cultural landmark. If you were to physically pile up all the adult beverages, pizzas, kebabs (if you ever get a kebab in France do yourself a favour and ask for shitloads of Algerian sauce) that get consumed on that thing every summer, you’d probably fill up the whole bowl. Long lasting international love stories have begun on that thing, hundreds and hundreds of extremely imprecise games of skate have gone down in front of it, and to be honest you can visit all the tourist attractions you want, nothing will give you the real Marseille experience like an evening spent chatting shit on ‘La Grille’. So hyped to see that they actually skated it.

Shoutout to Victor Campillo and Maceo Moreau for another banging episode, can’t wait to go back.