When I half-reluctantly clicked on a Slap thread called ‘DUSTIN DOLLIN – VANS PROMO UNSURE WHAT YEAR’ this morning I don’t know what I was expecting, maybe like a two minute promo ad for some old DD colourway or something, but certainly not this! So apparently Dustin made this 20 minute video around the time Ave got on – so like 2005/2006 – to get the team hyped to work on a new full length video, which obviously never came out as a lot of this footage ended up in 411s or parts they were working on for their various sponsors… But not all of it did and some of this shit in here that’s only surfacing now is absolute gold, and it even contains short parts from Andrew Allen and Van Vastell! Plus I don’t know, it feels like such a random forgotten time in Vans’ history; like do you remember Danny Cerezini ever properly being on? Also I’m not sure if Dustin purposefully chose to upload this less that 24 hours before the release of this new global Vans vid but the timing is amazing too; just such a nice little window into a completely different era of the brand.