Vans Skateboarding Presents: Nice To See You

Remember the days of most big brands’ ‘Global Team’ basically being all their main American dudes, and how whatever squads they’d have in Europe or any other region would be treated as some separate B-team after-thought? Well with Nice To See You Vans have made a conscious effort to hammer home that those days are long gone, not only by featuring skaters from all over the place but by having Greg Hunt work closely with videographers from Germany, Australia, Japan, Canada, etc., and the result is unsurprisingly all the better for it! All the shit from NotisFree interview is in there and his part is one we’re definitely going to be coming back to a lot but to be honest everyone’s shit was amazing and it’s going to take several viewings for it to really sink in. Really hope this serves as a blueprint for all full length Vans videos to come…

Filmed by Greg Hunt, Tommy Zhao, Shari White, Paul Labadie, Max Pack, George Kousoulis, Daniel Dent and Kyota Kamei.

Featuring Adelaide Norris, Alexey Krasniy, Breana Geering, Chima Ferguson, Daiki Hoshino, Diego Todd, Digby Luxton, Dustin Henry, Etienne Gagne, Nick Michel, Notis Aggelis, Pedro Delfino, Rio Morishige, Ronnie Sandoval, Shogo Zama, Simon Zuzic, Una Farrar, Wang Guohua and more.