The Ben Raemers Foundation – Torey Goodall, White collar boxing

This one really hit home. We all know that skateboarding has tendency to shape friendship circles, and (to varying degrees) large chunks of our lives. It’s best thing in the world, sure, but in it being our world lies the danger of things feeling a bit uh, claustrophobic, especially as we get older. The Ben Raemers Foundation interviewed Torey Goodall about picking up boxing, an activity that obviously has absolutely nothing to do with the one that had until then defined his life, and the effect this new outlet had on his physical and mental well-being.
We’re all aware that it would be healthy to broaden our horizons and look for passions outside of skateboarding (going to the pub does not count) but how often do we really step out of our comfort zones and properly give something new a shot? Seeing someone like Torey not only take that leap and go to a gym, but fully commit and take part in boxing match that will raise money for the charity is pretty inspiring.

He also skated to Soulja Boy once: