Ace Trucks – ‘TURN RIGHT’

It’s been a good couple of days for Victor Campillo fans! Between this new Ace vid and the Marseille edit we posted yesterday it feels like he’s put out two parts worth of footage. Apparently all the shit he got at La Plaine was filmed in a week too – pretty mad considering the state of some of those marathon lines…
Something should also be said about how shocking Ibu’s spring is in this thing. Like by now we’re kind of used to seeing him dwarf spots, but look closely at how little he had to prepare / bend down for that blunt by République?! He made that thing look like a curb.
Loved Noah‘s footage too. You can tell more and more care is going into picking what tricks are getting done where (the nollie 180 to sw feeble into the bank was extra satisfying) and he’s got that kind of natural board control that makes everything look super fun and playful (sort of like this guy).

Filmed and edited by Thomas Vigoureux and Luc Mazières.

Featuring Noah Mahieu, Luis Aponte, Lucien Genand, Lilian Fev, Edouard Depaz, Amélien Foures, Jérôme Sossou, Adrien Chabiron, PJ Chapuis, Charlie Birch, Tom Belot, Samuel Norgen, Alex Richard, Adrian Fuentes, Paul Austin, Santiago Sasson, Harry Lintell, Joseph Biais, Rémy Taveira, Patrick Franklin, Cambrayan Sidelick, Tolya Titaev, Andrea Dupre, Victor Campillo and Ibu Sanyang.

Thumbnail image of by Clément LeGall.