Javi De Pedro in ‘HERITAGE’

‘You’re destroying our cultural heritage!’ – a sentence heard time and time again by the locals of Valencia’s MUVIM as they’d get kicked out of their plaza by the police. Supposedly the cultural heritage under threat in these instances are a series of pillars that were installed around the spot a few years ago, which is interesting firstly because you can’t really grind up vertical round pillars on a skateboard, but more importantly because they got Roberto Marcelli (who filmed and edited this new scene video) thinking about what exactly qualifies as cultural heritage, and who decides what falls into that category? And the answer is obviously everything and everyone; or at least it should be. Like our immediate reaction to being sent this Javi De Pedro part was to revisit Alex Marco‘s incredible Valencian videos from a few years back… Why? Because they’re a huge part of the city’s skateboarding history, just like HERITAGE is about to be.