e2 Solutions – Eetu Toropainen

Filmed entirely in Finland this year – either in and around Helsinki or on a two week camping trip up north with the Troposphere gang – this new Eetu Toropainen part for Carhartt WIP introduces us to the latest phase of his transformation (crazy to think Tycoon was less than a year ago): the ‘if you think of something you can do it‘ phase. Obviously that intro is the cringest thing ever so half-joking here but his new found pop (the way he hops onto that rail head on at 2:15!!!) certainly seems to have opened up A LOT of possibilities, and given he’s hungry, healthy and currently on his first ever Nike trip, I think we can also safely say he’s just getting started.

Filmed and edited by Teemu Metsäkylä.

Supported by Carhartt WIP.

Music: Mercury Rev (https://www.instagram.com/themercuryrev/)