Hélas ‘Paris’

Our umbrella sporting amigos had a bit of a Parisian takeover situation going on over the summer, with some of the boys they’ve got scattered across Europe popping in and out of the capital for various amounts of time to stack, and the result is basically everything you want from an Hélas edit: some French hip-hop, some Lucas Puig and all sorts of fucked up ledge sorcery (that tends this time to involve impossibly landing in switch crook position and holding it for waaay longer than you’d expect).

Featuring Lucas Puig, Flo Mirtain, Marek Zaprazny, Thierry Gormit, Gauthier Rouger, Pedro Attenborough, Victor Campillo, Karl Salah, Mikel Vidal, Pierre Leze and William Monerris.

Filmed by Augustin Giovannoni & Vincent Jugnet.

Edited by Vincent Jugnet.