ATL WINGS is a new video from Atlanta by Jourdynn Sherman.

Years ago, when I went back to North Carolina to visit my dad, my friend Bob introduced me to this young ripper named Ron Parker. We went skating and I was really impressed – this guy had it. Sick style, great bag of tricks and a really kind, lovely person. Ron moved out to Cali for a bit, came back to NC, and now he’s been living in Atlanta for a little more than a year. He really came through for this vid; it’s kinda like his welcome to Atlanta part.

Along with Ron, this video features ATL rippers Jairus Brown, Justin Hearn , Elijah Simmons, Deven Wharton , Zay Oliver, Sawyer Boudreaux, Jourdynn Sherman, Gabe Felz, Dru James & Tosyio Chislom.