Okay so Cleaver Skateboards we’ve known about for a little while from being in contact with Diego Bucchieri quite a bit since he moved to Spain and launched the company, but admittedly it wasn’t until we watched Delivery‘s last video GLADYS (which we can’t recommend enough) that we properly became aware just how much they were smashing it out in Buenos Aires right now. DVXC is a joint video project from these two entities which essentially celebrates their devotion to putting the Argentinean scene on the map, as well as the longstanding friendships that exist between both squads. It features Cleaver’s Eze Martinez, Juan Oppen, Joaquín Leon as well as its legend of a CEO, and was entirely edited and filmed (with The Butcher’s old MK1) by Tomy Scicchitano, one of the driving forces behind Delivery.
Not too sure what else to say here other than that 50 gap out to thread the needle wallride thing actually did take my breath away (just as I was thinking it was a bit of a bold music choice), and that it seriously feels like every single clip in Eze’s part deserves it’s own post on the ‘gram so fuck knows how we’re going to roll this one out on there… Will definitely be rewatching.

Thumbnail image by Kevin Enis.

Treat yourself to some of the shirts and boards to accompany the release HERE.