SWISS [P] – Simon Perrottet x OG.2000

The OG.2000 boys are notorious for taking things very far when it comes to the the 3D animations and editing for their clips, with the result usually leaving you torn between wanting to go skate and needing a nap after what you’ve just put your senses through. They also tend to come packed with fucked up footage of Simon Perrottet, and I don’t know if there’s meant to be a direct correlation between how much he goes in for one of their edits and how much the futuristic rave settings get cranked up, but between the whole new world they’ve created here and the slow build up to the ultimate ‘send‘, by the time you get to the footage of that backside flip it kind of feels like you’re coming up…

Maximum respect to Guillaume Berthet who filmed and edited this (with Hugo Radi) whilst working full time as a nurse (which has obviously been extra gnarly recently) ❤️

Thumbnail image by Manuel Muller.

3D animations by Eliott Déchamboux.