The last time I went to New York, I met a friend at the LES park for a morning skate. By lunchtime we were done and headed to Labor. I’d never been there before, but instantly it felt familiar. Everyone I met was super nice and we traded questions about the London and New York skate scenes. I’d been there 20 minutes but it felt like a skate shop I’d been going to for years. I left for lunch thinking how sick this tiny little skate shop on Canal Street was and how wonderful it was that New York City has a shop like that in Manhattan. Like the kind people at Labor, the Hopps guys are all really nice lads as well, so it’s only natural that they would link together. What a treat for us!

So check out Jahmal Williams, Kyler Garrison, Keith Denley, Dustin Eggeling, Faheem Allah and Joel Meinholz in NYC, filmed and edited by Tristan Mershon.

The gear is available HERE.


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