Carhartt WIP’s ‘INSIDE OUT’

A skate video with a director, a cinematographer and a separate main ‘camera operator’… Some were sceptical, most (including ourselves) were mainly just extremely curious and excited to see how it was going to turn out – hard not to be with a line up like that and Joseph Biais in charge – but two years and a million print articles later we can now officially say that yes, they did indeed nail it.

Featuring Carhartt WIP’s Notis Aggelis, Felipe Bartolomé, Matlok Bennett-Jones, Joseph Biais, Eddie Cernicky, Amélien Foures, Nicolas Gisonno, Roman Gonzalez, Samu Karvonen, Alexey Krasniy, Oliver Lock, Josh Pall, Max Palmer, Ibu Sanyang, Maité Steenhoudt, Rémy Taveira, Pietro Tirelli, Sylvain Tognelli, Tolia Titaev, Eetu Toropainen and Armand Vaucher.

Directed & edited by Joaquim Bayle

Cinematographer : Angelo Marques

Camera Operator : Romain Batard

Colorist : Eudes Quitellier

Sound design & Mix : Next Sound Lab

Music supervisor : Ashleigh Macleen

Additional filming: Felix Bollain, Elliot Bonnabel, Alberto Della Beffa, Sirus F. Gahan, Will Miles and Yoryo.