‘Doukrez’ by Hadrien Buhannic

Following up on Bombew and all the other glorious Parisian edits Hadrien Buhannic has gifted us with since this magazine’s inception, we’re proud to introduce Doukrez! The go-to spots may have evolved over the years (not a single République clip, Bastille getting a facelift, Bercy making a comeback…), as has the crew (with Hadzouz getting a role at adidas), but the skating remains as brilliant as its Blobys slang title is cryptic…

Featuring Gustav Tonessen, Silas Baxter-Neal, Magnus Bordewick, Kevin Ozcan, Marius Chanut, Tom Snape, Dennis Busenitz, Karl Salah, William Monerris, Sengo Prevost, Tim Debauché, Nour De Bary and Leo Cholet.

Additional filming: Luc Mazieres, James Cruickshank, Ruben Delisle and Augustin Giovanonni.