Josh McLaughlin in ‘Set For Life’

There’s nothing I like more than watching skaters that exude confidence when they’re on a roll. That moment when you can tell that they fully let go and accept that there’s no point in reining it in: they’re on one and they know it. I always come back to this one as it’s the ultimate example but obviously you’ve got guys like Heitor, Wade, Kyle or even Kai whose body languages scream of that every time they step on a board. You can’t really watch that and not want to emulate it.
Anyway for ages I couldn’t quite pinpoint why I liked Josh McLaughlin’s skating so much, but this little extract from the Set For Life vid made me realise that weirdly it’s kind of because it’s the opposite of that. He’s got his own particular brand of finesse that’s so understated that it somehow ends up having the same effect. Sort of. The only difference is that here, rather than it making you wanna run outside and do laps of the plaza like you own it, this makes you want to run outside to find a random tree to wax up, or bomb some hills, or do some chill manuals, or anything else that might make skateboarding feel this soothing.

Logan Mathews’ Set For LifeĀ will be going up in full this Thursday.