Felipe Bartolome – Perro Sismico

I think we could all tell from Felipe Bartolome’s interview, and the way he was going on about his time spent in Mexico bouncing around the hills of Tlalnepantla like a four wheeled Sonic The Hedgehog that this one was going to be special. And not just because of the skating.
It’s hard to put into words just how high octane that boy truly is but I’m pretty sure this clip by his good friend Felix Bollain is the closest thing anyone who’s never met him will get to experiencing it. He’s basically untameable, and that’s what this piece is about. If you try to contain this little speed demon all that’ll do is get him bubbling to the point where at the next given opportunity he’ll just explode. While most us come out of injuries genuinely wondering if the ledge at Southbank was really always that ‘high’, Felipe’s climbing up roofs in the rain to see if they’d be fun to fly off.