Grey Area: Push Button To Destroy The World

Kuba and the crew have done it again, a bangin’ new Grey Area instalment. It features all your favourites like Michal, Eniz, Tom Remillard, Tomek and more. A notable newcomer to the crew is Croatian Antonio Pekovic; stoked to see him in there up in the mix. But honestly who steals the show in this one is Agata Halikowska. When she decided to leave the comps behind and hit the streets with the Grey Area crew we all get to benefit from the fruits of her labour. Kuba has captured Agata’s rugged prowess on the streets of Warsaw, Berlin, Croatia and more in PBTDTW. If you were unfamiliar with Agata’s skating before, hopefully you’ll know what’s up now. Nike SB and Polar have already taken notice… Can’t wait to see what she has planned next.

Filmed and edited by Kuba Kaczmarczyk

Animation Michal Andrzejczak

Featured photo (of Antonio) by Kuba Bączkowski.

Featuring: Andrzej Palenica, Antonio Pekovic, Emil Wolan, Michał Juras, Eniz Fazliov, Tom Remillard, Franek Kramarczyk, Michał Zarzycki, Kuba Brniak, Daniel Pannemann & Agata Halikowska.