Baglady – Pack Light

For those of you not yet onboard with the program, Baglady is the brainchild of South London’s Tom Delion. Following up on years of dutiful service at Yarsdale, two years ago Tom set up the brand as an excuse to promote the work his close friends and go on various skate related adventures with Nick Richards and their gang (from Vladimir Film Fest, to Sardinia, to tons of more local estate-based spot exploration), the fruits of which you’re about to enjoy in their final form: Pack Light. Expect a Double D in full throttle human cannonball mode, and another Davide part you’re going to want to come back to regularly…

Featuring Davide Holzknecht, Luka Pinto, Aref Koushesh, Tom Delion, Henry Gibbs, Ranga, Joel Banner and Daryl Dominguez.

Filmed by Nick Richards.

Edited by Tom Delion.

Thumbnail photo by Rafal Wojnowski.