Al Carrer x Crupiê

Rodrigo Petersen – who has been living in LA for a while now – kindly sent over this sick little edit celebrating a collab between his wheel brand Crupiê, and Leandro Fischer’s Al Carrer Skateshop in Barcelona. The wheel is a nod to the two cultures these Brazilian expats have immersed themselves in for the last few years and an excuse for old friends that live in different corners of the globe to get together and work on something fun. Preserve La Cultura indeed 🙂

Featuring Tiago Lemos, Willian Truta, Tallys Junior, Carlos Iqui, Tiago Lima, Niet Pires, Wagner Gallo, Rodrigo Gonzales, Shmatty, Carlos Ribeiro, Fabio Cristiano, Henry Fischer, Leandro Fischer, Rodrigo Petersen, Akira Utida, Marina Gabriela and Matheus Du Bronks.