Light Years

Okay so there’s a lot of very good skateboarding in this one so we’re not going to be able to praise every single three striped Australian who contributed to it, but something really has to be said about Dennis Durrant here. Mainly that It’s Time was 16 years ago! How does that boy still have the exact same spring as he did back in the days of bright green trucks and bulky Circas? Kicklfip up the block straight into nollie back heel foot position was fucked. Frontside halfcab flip noseslide into the bank was fucked. Dude has two kids, has a had bunch of serious injuries but somehow still effortlessly floats like a Sorry-era Appleyard. What an absolute lej.

Featuring Brad Saunders, Gabriel Summers, Ben Frank, Kayle Lawson, Vanessa Miles, Phil Marshall, Morgan Campbell, Jack Evans, Gary Almeida, Billy Lukins, Reef Condon, Ryan Helm, Sean Parker, Adam Davies, Jenna Cutting, Lenard Tejada, Alex Lawton and Dennis Durrant.

Edited by Leigh Bolton.

Supported by adidas Skateboarding.