Okay so ALBUM DE FAMILLE is the latest offering from Album Skate Co., a Grenoble based bedroom brand so small in the scale of their operations that they only have three riders (actually make that *two* as one of them quit skating halfway through this), but so immensely dedicated to passion projects like this one that they managed enlist Free favourites JP Villa, Victor Campillo, Flo Mirtain, Matisse Banc and countless others to film for it… Now given one of those ‘countless others’ is the person typing this I’m not even going to bother pretending we aren’t a bit biased here and will spare you the details of how much we enjoyed it, but I will say a few words about the brand’s only official representatives…
If you’ve ever watched a Josimard video I’m sure it’ll be pretty clear from the intro that Guillaume Colucci (aka Colucheese) was the person in charge of filming, editing and collecting footage for this 30 minute beast, so props to him for also coming through with a part filled with also sorts of dodgy ledge combos, but the real star of the show here is of course his little protégé: Arno Wagner. Now I don’t know if in the days of brands being obsessed with ‘key cities’ and instagram followers the concept of a breakthrough part in a full length is really as much of a thing s it used to be, but if anyone reading this is in a position to pay this man to ride a skateboard I implore you to think about what it would take to pop out of the Silas mid-ledge or ride through a waist-high kink in a bloody wall, and start cutting some checks!!! Again, very biased here, but also very done with seeing that talent wasted on gripping boards all day at ABS.

ALBUM DE FAMILLE was kindly supported by both Vans and ABS Grenoble 🙂