Welcome 2: Hell

With one of more the cunning titles in recent memory (here you go kiddies) Welcome skate shop in Leeds has released their second full-length video. How many shops are releasing full-lengths these days? It’s feat in itself, so kudos for Josh Hallett and the team for making it happen. And what about the skating? Will Sheerin is nollie frontside flipping all round Leeds’ town centre whilst Blinky amazes with some literal ‘off the wall’ antics. Zeta’s part was also a personal favourite. Dale closes it out with one of those parts of a lifetime, you’re not going to want to miss it. There’s a lot going on up north and spots galore, it’s really time to leave the M25 for a bit. What a great video for Leeds, Welcome and the UK scene. Well done everyone!

Featuring the skating of Albie Edmonds, Will Sheerin, Tom Brown, Dale Starkie, Sam Hutchinson, Zeta Rush, Victor Mputu, Dean Greensmith, James Foster and many more.

Filmed/edited by Josh Hallett

Additional filming: Ryan Gray, Will Miles, Mack Scharff & Will Creswick