Joao Galvao – So Forca

A filthy, scratched up lens, the hills of a city the vast majority of our audience would probably be incapable of placing on a map (Juiz de Fora, Brazil), pavements so crunchy that often making it to the desired obstacle looks like a trick in itself, a cab powerslide, lots of ÖUS shoes, an unexpected shopping mall entrance handrail flip crook (neatly snuck in as a pedestrian enters and a security guard walks out), a flow that gives you the feeling everything they filmed was a quick hit, that the two Joãos were constantly on the move… It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what it is we like so much about this one but it’s definitely one of the coolest completely random / out of the blue submissions we’ve had in a little while.

Filmed by João Victor Fouraux.

Additional filming by Luan Azevedo.