Danny Renaud & Ross Norman in ‘Brass Tacks’

Continuing on this week’s Last Of The Mohicans theme we’re beyond stoked to bring you all new full parts from Danny Renaud and Ross Norman, courtesy of our friends at Politic. Like everyone else who grew up watching Mosaic religiously, every little bit of skateboarding Danny’s put out since the days of us humming ‘but in makes no differeeence’ in Grasshoppers has been watched, rewatched and dissected, and seeing how he’s come back from the 9 story fall that broke both his legs and almost cost him his life has been nothing short of astonishing. It’s also no secret that we’ve been long-time mega fans of Ross’ distinctive brand silky smooth tech, so I’m sure you can imagine how gassed we were to see them release something of this calibre in 2022, at the ages of 38 and 41, respectively. 100% pulling out that switch back noseblunt clip at the next hint of a ‘my body’s too old for this shit’ type winge from any of my mates.