Al Carrer Skateshop: Enable WTC Plaza

WTC Plaza in Barcelona is good to skate, but it could be even better. To coincide with Al Carrer Skateshop’s 7-year anniversary they’re trying to gather signatures to open up WTC Plaza to make it more skateable. The idea is enable the plaza, take the knobs off the wood benches, and put in 4 granite curbs. Please sign the petition here:  then watch the above edit by Bruno Rocha, it’s full of bangers.

Featuring Thiago Lima, Dubann Machuca, Matheus Du Bronks, Henry Fischer, Andre Saide, Niet Pires, Mike Mag, Akira Uteda, Tallys Junior, Leo Favaro, Anderson Gomes, Lucas Marques, Jose Guilherme, Pablo Marquez, Fernando Cano, Sebastian Felini, Tallys Marcos, Alexandre Pollo, Leandro Fischer & Jefferson Silva.