Then Again

Filmed between Buenos Aires and Bariloche, in Patagonia, Federico Hazama’s Then Again is brilliant in too many ways to list (and includes what we’re going to go ahead and say is the wildest Free release ender we’ve seen this year), but for some reason what really stood out to us was their talent for navigation. It’s rare to come across a crew with such a good eye for spotting when a certain route is what’s going to make a clip, or in some cases even just is the clip. Matias Gagliardo’s final ollie into that craggy mountain (05:29) or Federico weaving through a labyrinth of bushes just to connect a flatground trick and some stairs (00:41) are beautiful examples of the journey stealing the shine from the ‘trick(s)’. But then you’ve also got clips like Andrew Gray’s thin, bumpy stair path through that grass hill (10:28) where all you’re looking at is a man bouncing his way from A to B. That one’s great because it feels like it shouldn’t be enough to constitute a usable bit of footage but it’s so pure that it works, and even ends up being one of the most memorable moments of the whole vid. Same with Eze Martinez’s last clip (07:49), you just wouldn’t look at that and think ‘that ride-on grind is gunna take me aaaaaaall the way to that dusty ledge down there’! Love that shit.