PAKT video

The idea of PAKT was born in 2020 when a group of good friends that skate every day together on the streets of Cracow decided they wanted to make their own independent project. Jędrek “Icy-T” Maczugowski is PAKT’s main cameraman and the clothes and stuff are made with the help of Paweł “Szatiman” Sobiś, who besides being a skater is an artist. This video is filmed over the past two years, mainly in Cracow with local skaters, but there is also more friends from different cities in Poland. You might have seen some of these guys in Grey Area’s ‘Cracow kids’ section of the Neverwhere vid; well here’s their own offering.

Featuring: Andrzej Kwiatek, Andrzej Palenica, Franek Kramarczyk, Patryk Sadzki, Jan Jaroszewicz, Paweł “Szatiman” Sobiś, Bruno Drapalski, Bartek Piguła & Michał “Dida” Zarzycki

Tomek “Cep” Kuśmider, Mateusz “Kopyt” Kowalski, Krzysztof Poskrobko, Marcin Myszka, Janek Piasecki, Paweł Stryszowski, Filip Piotrowicz, Pierre Dziedzic & Tomek “Gonzi” Haładaj

Filmed and edited by
Jędrek “Icy-T” Maczugowski

Additional filming:
Pablo Palider
Patryk Kasza
Andrzej “Homik” Pełczyński
Michał “Dida” Zarzycki