Westside Skateshop’s ’97’ video

Joe Perrin has put together Westside Skateshop’s latest video ’97’. It’s pretty much a Last of the Mohicans (one of the greatest skate vids of all time) reunion but with some new gen Florida rippers too.

Full parts from Matt Savidakis, Jimmy Lannon, 80’s Joe Staley, Mike Rosa & Nick Matlin (perhaps the most impressive majority over-30s starting lineup we’ve seen in a while!)

As well as appearances from some familiar Westside Video Alumni like Josh Dowd, Ross Norman, Fred Gall, Ryan Nix, Danny Renaud, Phil Ladjanski, Dango, Richie Zuczek, Stefan Janoski and Many More. Also features appearances by Westside’s new crop of talent, such as Matthey McCauley, Chris Lesh, Mikey Premet, Eric Weingart, Evan Tieman, Nick Wallace and Haze Miller.

Edited by Joe Perrin & Nick Matlin