Get ready, this one is dense. Filmed almost entirely in New England, Thomas Purtell’s half-hour spot-seeking extravaganza takes us on a tour of the regions’ rattly cellar doors and more obscure textured terrain, introducing us to a bunch of new faces as well as reminding us of the raw talent (Sean Evans) and genius (Connor Noll) of some of the more familiar ones along the way. It feels like a lot to absorb (because it is), but in a good way, as in you can really tell just how much work has gone into the project, and it’s not often an indie vid from the other side of the world gives you such an instant itch to just get out there and go looking for shit you might have missed in your own city.

Featuring Shawn Macmillan, Caleb Kaiser, Garrett Boozer, Leif Hauge, Armin Bachman, Luca Ettore, Michael Whitmore, Alex Moran, Justin Ackers, Sir Michael Burrow, Eddie Vargas, Ben Tenner, Sean Evans, Nate Dugan, Connor Noll and more