Carhartt WIP – Hollandsch Diep

Okay, I think we can officially say it: Dutch skateboarding is having a moment. It’s something that’s been noticed for a few years now with Pop’s growth, the fact that anything Sneep or Ziggy touch seems to come out incredible, Rob Maatman 2.0 relentlessly churning out copious amounts of unpredictable footage, the Valuta and Booticelli boys’ Amsterdam output, etc., but in 2022 (particularly with Check Mate) it’s like they’ve all been granted access to new superpowers to channel their creativity… And this new Carhartt WIP release really feels like the culmination of all this.

Staring Rob Maatman, Sebastiaan Vijverberg, Robbin de Wit, Joscha Aicher and Lex Van Der Does

Filmed and Jan Maarten Sneep.

Cover image by Ziggy Schaap.